What a difference a shoutout makes. Before Donald Glover woke mainstream America to their cultural impact, Migos got the cold shoulder from every late night talk show out there. Pierre Thomas, better known as Pee, the chief executive of Quality Control Music, Migos’s label, sat down with The New York Times.

“They gave all kinds of excuses — not the right time, it’s not this, it’s not that,” he said. “But as soon as Donald Glover did that, the next day, all the people who had just denied us wanted them on their show.” The very next week, Migos took “Bad and Boujee” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Migos, whose new album Culture is set for digital release at midnight Friday, have started a dance craze and taken advantage of the streaming era. They have a healthy following on social media and have put a viral footprint on rap culture. "Bad and Boujee" had already reached the pinnacle of Billboard 100, yet the networks never saw the appeal of lining them up on their cash cow shows until Glover's victorious cry made it "safe." Mainstream America is slowly warming up to the leaders of the new generation of Atlanta hip hop.