Migos have been a big part of the Superbowl conversation for a while now even though they aren't formally involved. For the most part, people were egging on the idea of the rappers performing at the halftime show and a petition was even started to replace Lady Gaga with the Atlanta rap trio.

And while that didn't quite pan out, even though they were 100 percent down, it looks like the Migos are still very involved with Superbowl Sunday as it appears the group has been in Houston all weekend. Yesterday the rappers posted a video to Instagram that featured all three members at a special NFL fan event where they got to meet legendary running back Emmitt Smith and run a 40-yard-dash against each other.

The Culture rappers also sat down with Sports Illustrated to talk about a number of Superbowl related topics including their message for the Atlanta Falcons and their old-fashioned recipe for "Chili pot" crockpot chili. In the video below the Migos urge the Falcons to work together like brothers and bring home the golden egg.

You can check out the posts below and stay tuned for kickoff. Matt Ryan, you better not let Offset down.