Tension in the QC camp appeared to be boiling up in 2020 after it was reported that Migos filed a lawsuit against their former attorney. The lawsuit accused their long-time lawyer, Damien Granderson, of swindling out of millions and abusing his relationship with the group as their attorney for financial gain. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

The group accused Granderson of concealing information regarding his relationship with Quality Control Music as they were signing a deal with Capitol. They said Granderson knew about QCM's distribution deal with Capitol that "would allow Capitol to distribute all albums that QCM produced and that QCM was actually profiting far more handsomely than was apparent from the face of the documents that Granderson personally presented to Migos for immediate execution."

According to THR, the group has officially dropped the suit against their former lawyer. Apparently, they filed for voluntary dismissal without prejudice in the fall. That left them the chance to re-file if they wanted to. Given that Quavo has seemingly hinted that things are all good within the camp, it doesn't come as an entire shock that they filed for dismissal with prejudice this time around. There's a good chance that they've come to some kind of agreement outside of court, though any details pertaining to any settlement hasn't been revealed.