Migos recently sat down with Ebro to discuss their new album Culture, their recent wave success, and their influence on other hip hop artists. At one point (5:50), Ebro steered the conversation towards Drake's "Versace" remix that helped launched the Migos' career in 2013.

Quavo recalled watching a video of Drake and DJ Drama debating the respective merits of Migos and Rich Homie Quan, both of whom were new, rising artists at the time.

“Drama was trying to tell him that Rich Homie Quan is the new thing... In the video, [Drake] was like ‘Nah man, have you heard Migos though?'” Quavo explained. “When I seen that, I knew he wanted to work with us but we never met him ’til we got to Birthday Bash. And ever since then, I sent him two or three records. He wanted to get on ‘Pronto’ or ‘Versace’ and I just sent him ‘Versace.'”

Earlier in the conversation, Quavo expressed his hope that other rappers would one day stop relying on the "Migos flow." “I’d rather see other artists find they own self, though,” he said. “I like them doing it — do it once, a couple times, it let me know you watching me. But I wanna see what you do, find yourself. Maybe I can learn something from you that I can put in my music.”