It's official - Culture 2 has arrived. While fans are still digesting the new Migos project, which clocks in at an immense twenty-four tracks, the Migos are continuing their press run with a stop in Big Boy's Neighborhood. As Big Boy is generally one of the game's best interviewers, his chat with Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo is an enjoyable one, as he banters with them in ways other interviewers might not be able to. Over the course of twelve minutes, they talk Culture 2, their place in hip-hop, their bond, and more. 

"We the biggest group ever. Ever. In pop, hip-Hop all that because every genre in music right now is structured off us," says Offset. "We got this culture." Big Boy agrees with the latter point, saying that nowadays, people are quick to use the expression "for the culture" - but only after Migos dropped their breakout album. Offset literally responds to this by ad-libbing "TRENDS," while Quavo offers a more composed response. "We settin' the trends, we came out with it. Easy call."

When Big Boy asks about why they went with Culture 2, instead of another title. "They keep using it," says Quavo. "It's a time where we need the culture. We need everybody to come together. Right now we brothers, and we look at it like a family thing." Speaking of which, Big Boy asks if the group ever take a break from each other, given the tight-knit familial bond they share. "We all be together then we all go off and work," says Quavo. "We always make sure we come together in the end."