Well, it's finally here: Migos have dropped their much-anticipated follow-up to Culture, the album that gave the world multiple hit singles, including the banger "Bad and Boujee." The trio get the star power to come through and give them a hand on Culture II, with features from Drake, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign and more. In total, there are 24 tracks for fans to sink their teeth into, with three already-released singles that make appearances: "MotorSport," "Stir Fry" and "Supastars."

There were plenty of hip-hop fans who woke up this morning pumped because of the new Migos material that was available. A quick glance through various social media platforms indicated that many rap enthusiasts had one album that they would be bumping multiple times over today. Check out a sampling of that reaction below:

Many HNHH readers have already chimed in with the positive reaction:

One prevailing opinion about Culture II was the fact that Takeoff, often overlooked as the third member of the trio in favor of his better-known counterparts Offset and Quavo, brought the fire in a big way on this record. As for people trying to jump on the Takeoff stan bandwagon, there might not be room for you at the moment...

As is always the case when a hyped hip-hop album finally makes its debut on streaming services and in stores, fans of the genre aren't shy about making their opinions known. To that end, for as much positive reaction as Migos have enjoyed thus far in relation to Culture II, there have been more than a few detractors out there as well, pointing out that the album is more than a little repetitive and, considering the buildup, somewhat lazily constructed as well. Check out that reaction below:

What's your early takeaway from Culture II? Let us know in the comments.