The Migos are one of rap’s most recognizable groups with a catalog of widely circulated, feel-good party records that are both distinguishably stylistic and catchy. With their signature “triplet flow” and patented ad-libs underlying each song structure, this Atlanta group has consistently generated hits for almost a decade. Since breaking Billboard glass with tracks like "Versace," the posse has gone on to evolve their sound, proctor future industry influence and produce a host of period defining tunes. Rumored to go their separate ways - the group, perhaps now, embarks on the final musical allegory as a collective. With that in mind, we recount their best productions since their second studio album, Culture.

Culture was released with much anticipation and ravenous fan-fare. The composition of the arrangement was anchored by "Bad & Boujee" which in many ways, is the defining creative achievement of their careers. The song peaked at No. 1 on Billboard and planted itself on the charts for more than 36 weeks. Along with the Culture album, it catapulted the group to another level of fame, opening doors for the collective not just in hip-hop but beyond. A Mountain Dew endorsement deal, and a signature menu at Popeyes - in the span of three short years serves as proof of that. Off the fumes of Culture, Migos have scaled pop music’s Everest. The project, a pivotal moment for the crew. Through their work, we now mention them among rap’s most cached acts. 

NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, The Lox - rap trios were a foundational stone in hip-hop’s maturation. From the old school to the new school though, groups have faded in regularity and impact. The ascension of Migos is a refreshing reminder of groups like Run DMC to EPMD and De La Soul. Though vastly different in style and maybe substance, Migos have chalked their names in the rap record books. Where do the Migos rank in the modern-day rap collectives, not just trios? Love or hate them you must acknowledge their mark on the modern generation of music. Whatever your opinion of the crew or their style of rap, one thing is for sure their impact has been felt throughout the game. With all this in mind, we revisit some of the most memorable records during the group’s run, post-Culture fame.

Pure Water

Migos Culture best songsFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET

"Pure Water" is the best overall song the group has been featured on since their first album. Produced by the studio magician himself, Mustard, the beat is so characteristically Migos. Engaging but not overpowering and the trio do a great job of riding the beat fluidly. Match this with Quavo’s hook and well-placed ad-libs and it’s a perfect fit. To boot, each of the group’s verses are strong on this selection leaving nothing to be desired.

Motor Sport

This time, Murda Beatz is responsible for the foundation of this record. The seminal hit off Culture II, "Motor Sport" saw the Migos join with Cardi B to produce one of the year’s biggest songs. The hollow vocal delivery paired with the bells and chimes works extremely well once blended with an ultra-cool, toned-down delivery by the crew. Nicki Minaj is not to be forgotten as she contributes a very formidable feature.

Walk it Talk it

One of my favorite instrumental intros from the Migos catalog comes off "Walk It Talk It" - maybe the most fun. Drizzy Drake comes in mid-way through the track to drops a fantastic verse while the conveyor belt of star-producers continues here with OG Parker on the beat.

Stir Fry

Migos Culture best songs

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

Featuring a beat that feels very Neptune-influenced, Pharrell Williams kills the production. The hallowed echo’s on Quavo’s hook is a perfect pairing with the whistles and snares. Overall the record is a ton of fun and gets people on the dance floor.   


What a track! Quavo leveraged the success of this song into an actual appearance on the hit-show Narcos. So it goes without saying that this song was monstrously popular and a pop culture novelty. 

Cardi B - Drip

Migos Culture

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Migos teamed up with Cardi B on Invasion and Privacy and dished the project a Grammy-winning assist with “Drip” which was one of 2018’s hottest songs drenched with quotable lyrics - none more than the hook itself. Cardi and the crew are a perfect match in the studio with their ultra-aggressive and braggadocious lyrical style. While this is technically a Cardi track, Migos overwhelmingly make the song what it is. 

2 Chainz - Blue Cheese 

2017 was quite the year for Migos, the trio were everywhere. On one of the year’s most popular albums, 2 Chainz’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Quavo provided the hook for both "Good Drank" and "Blue Cheese" - with the rest of his team joining him on the latter. In small doses like a hook - Quavo’s voice works extremely well with auto-tune as shown in these two songs. In the second verse, Offset gives Travis Scott vibes with his bars. Overall a very enjoyable feature by the team.

Big Sean - Sacrifices

From his album I Dedicated, Big Sean taps the Migos to join him on "Sacrifices." Together, they chronicle what was given up for them to reach ultimate musical success. Offset’s verse brings a ton of energy and cadence to the track while Quavo’s mellow, smooth delivery balances the song somewhere between introspective and hardcore. An underrated bar in the song is when Quavo says “sacrificed yo stripes for that stain.”

DaBaby - Raw Shit

Production on DaBaby’s "Raw Shit" is the perfect type of beat for Migos to unleash a barrage of their signature ad-libs. It’s also conducive to their triplet flow. After DaBaby scorches the track off top - Quavo, Offset and Takeoff give short, jabby bars with clever punchlines. I would love to see more collaboration between these two in the future as it worked so well here.  

Travis Scott - Who? What!

Migos Culture

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Quavo and Takeoff are all over one of the most underrated tracks from Travis Scott’s Astroworld. The two blend seamlessly into Scott’s unique style - utilizing auto-tune and other vocal treatments to enhance their delivery. Quavo kicks off the song with Scott using rifts and ad-libs to prime the beat. Later, Takeoff’s quick but potent verse provides a sting for the short but sensational song.

21 Savage - BBO (Bad Bitches Only)

21 Savage rides shotgun this time with the Migos, on this ode to women with unapologetic style and swagger. Takeoff delivers the track’s best verse over the subtly dope Buddah Bless beat. 

Is there a song you feel like we missed? Sound off in the comments with your favorite Migos song since Culture.