Migos say they want to leave their imprint on American culture. Well, it's already happening. A high school teacher in Georgia gave a Civil War history lesson by rapping over "Bad and Boujee" instrumentals.

Retitled "Mad and Losing," David Yancey briefly explained the what happened during the Civil War while students mimicked the Migos flow, acting like hype men. 

"I am a middle school social studies teacher and I try my best to engage the students where they are," Yancey told Complex. "I try to build rapport, teach the material, and ultimately bridge the gap. Too often teachers just tell students to learn things because we say so, but instead we need to meet them where they are. I ask the students the song that the kids are into and I adjust the content to match."

Yancey has a YouTube channel and has used Adele's "Hello" to teach about Cherokee history, encouraging his students to sing along to the lesson.