It feels like ages ago that MigosCulture III was slated for a spring release, the third chapter in the long-running and occasionally brilliant Culture trilogy. Alas, that was before the coronavirus pandemic struck, changing the trajectory of the music industry and oh so much more. For the artists, who have found it increasingly difficult to safely gather in the recording studio, many of their best-laid plans were quickly derailed as adaptation became a necessity. 

Migos Mixtape Culture III

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Despite still managing to squeeze in a bit of studio time, it's clear that Quavo hasn't been satisfied with the Culture III workflow circumstances have forced upon them. As such, he has come up with a contingency plan, one sure to please the day-one fans who still clamor for the days of mixtape Migos

"Quarantine Mixtape?? Jus To Keep Y’all Straight," offers Quavo, as an olive branch those still hoping for a studio album. "Then Culture 3. When All This Is Over! Y’all Fuck Wit That? Cuz We Ready To Drop. ASAP. Original Migo Mixtape!!! Day 1 Shit." Given that it's extremely unclear as to when "all this" might actually be over, it could be a while yet before we get a glimpse of Culture III. Still, the idea of hearing some vintage Migos unfettered by major label expectations, simply having fun like the good old days, should be a worthwhile remedy to some of this quarantine malaise. 

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