Migos have often been credited for the rise in popularity of Dabbin', known most commonly as a dance these days (but can also refer to a general lifestyle). 

Today OG Maco decided to clarify that it was not Migos who started the craze but rather their close affiliate, Skippa Da Flippa. It didn't take long for the Migos to respond in the way of a retweet, bringing atttention to an Urban Dictionary post that cites them as the originators.

Later on, they came at Maco (who happens to be their QC labelmate) via subtweet, writing, "@DaFlippaMan Is In with Is In the Migo Family @OGMaco Let's See u Set a Trend!! #Rookie".

At this point, Maco claimed the rap game was already ripping him off, and made a smug remark about the group's album sales (they're not looking to be too high).

From there, they went back and forth about who's paying the bills in the QC family and the like. Check out the full exchange below.