Migos fans have been conditioned to keep a watchful eye for Culture III, previously promised to drop during the early goings of 2019. Sadly, as Quavo himself recently admitted, he was "cappin'." Though the setback might be disappointing for some, at the very least, it singles a newfangled sense of strategy from the Quality Control team; which is to say, leave them wanting more, and hit them at peak fiend status. In the meantime, Quavo seems content to simply stoke the flames of hype, as he gleefully does so during a recent interview with Complex. 

When asked whether he and Drake were sitting on some unreleased music, Quavo claims that not a moment was wasted during the Aubrey And The Three Amigos tour. "We did 56 show dates. Every day, we made a song. So that’s 56 songs," teases Huncho. "He just my dog man, that’s just my dog. Any time we see him, we make magical moments."

Of course, Quavo, Drake, and the greater Migos entity have collided on many occasions, including the Culture II single "Walk It Like I Talk It," the Quavo Huncho joint "Flip The Switch," and more. Would you be excited for a Migos & Drake collaboration? Sound off below.