The Atlanta group Migos and Chicago crew GBE have been beefing over the past month, where the beef stemmed from has never been clear, but its resulted in death threats from Fredo Santana and Quavo getting his chain snatched.

In case your not up to speed, Chief Keef's cousin and GBE affiliate Fredo Santana threatened the life of Migos via twitter following some sort of scuffle betwen the crews took place in Chicago. After this went down, another fight took place after a Migos show in DC, and Quavo ended up losing his chain. Keef later posted a photo of Quavo's chain on Instagram, adding fuel to the fire that he was behind the snatching. Quavo ended up releasing a song addressing what went down, "Tha Truth." A third party ending up taking responsibility for the snatching.

It now looks like they've put the past in the past. Chief Keef and former sparring partners Migos posed for a photo last night, after the two parties met up in L.A. Migos tweeted the image, combining their two movements with the caption "Miglo," showing their unity.

Peep the photo above.