After dropping No Label 2 and Rich Nigga Timeline last year, Migos have spent the months leading up to YRN The Album sharing their music in a more haphazard, less organized fashion. Plenty of this is due to album delays (and consequently Offset's continued presence in jail), as well as the usual leaks that have plagued patrons of various Atlanta studios this year.

Outside of one official single, "One Time," the rest of the various 2015 tracks that have seen the light of day are ostensibly loosies, as the group hasn't revealed whether or not they'll be included on the album. Along with that comes varying degrees of quality, so we've taken the time to boil down the trio's recent offerings into five essentials, ranked by their quality.

Note: none of the group's recent guest appearances are included. If they were, French Montana & Chris Brown's "Moses" might top the list.