The Xbox One came out in November 2013 which means that we are creeping up on the six-year anniversary of the console. While the Xbox One is a pretty powerful console, one of the issues people have had with it is the lack of good exclusives that come with the console. Not to mention, with six years already under the console's belt, it is expected that Microsoft is going to unveil a brand new console soon. The Xbox One has already had some 4K updates and even sleeker hardware, but now, according to On Smash, a brand new console is reportedly on the way.

As per the report, Microsoft is set to unveil the "Xbox Scarlet" at E3 in June of this year, with a release date of Holiday 2020 on the horizon, which means it will come out just in time for Christmas. The report states that there will be two versions of the console, one without a disc tray, another one with the tray. The disc-less console will have 12GB of GDDR6 Ram at 1080p, while the disc version will actually be 4K with 16GB of GDDR6 ram. 

It is unclear what the price point will be just yet, although it appears as though Halo Infinite will be the console's first launch title.

Stay tuned for any updates on this new console. For now these are just reports and we are still waiting on confirmation and further details from Microsoft.