Mick Jenkins has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, and today, the acclaimed Chicago lyricist took to Twitter to vent about something that's been frustrating him -- the ongoing hashtag campaign dedicated to the #Endsars movement transpiring on social media. "I don’t know what tweeting #endsars actually does," he captions, referencing the tragic and disturbing situation transpiring in Nigeria. "Any more than I know what tweeting #BLM does."

Mick Jenkins

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

"And that’s to say only: it’s clear people in power will do what the fuck the fuck they want," he continues. "Suppress what they want. And lie to the world about what happend. While we tweet. Shit is infuriating. Like there killing ni**gas everywhere bro. On camera....all over the world. The fuck I look like promoting a album. Lol am I tweaking like?"

While it's likely will misinterpret his words, as well as the main sentiment behind them, it's clear that Mick is not dismissing the severity of what's been going on. He's simply questioning the efficacy of a hashtag movement, opening the door for a greater discussion in the process. From the sound of it, there's a futility at the center of it all, a dark truth that no matter how much awareness is raised, change may never truly come -- at least, not anytime soon.

Still, some felt that hashtag movements were effective in raising awareness to a cause that may otherwise fly under the radar. And given the severity of the situation transpiring in Nigeria, it stands to reason that increased awareness could go a long way in mobilizing politicians to take action -- even if it is for the wrong reasons. Check out Mick's reflection below, and sound off -- do you agree with his assessment on social media hashtag movements?