Though today was supposed to be a triumphant day for Mick Jenkins, who officially celebrates the sixth anniversary of his classic mixtape The Water[s], the esteemed lyricist took to Twitter to share some disconcerting news. Though he has yet to receive direct confirmation, Mick revealed that he has been experiencing several symptoms of COVID-19, specifically the loss of both his sense of smell and his ability to taste. 

Mick Jenkins COVID-19

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"Damn, woke up can’t smell or taste shit.... writing is on the wall," he writes, alongside a distressed emoji. "Pray for me." He also reveals that he has already been tested for COVID-19, sharing a brief description of his experience as he awaits his results. "They did a crazy-ass mouth swab for my covid test, and here I thought they was tickling brains wit q tips."

Given his openness thus far, it wouldn't be surprising to see Mick continue to provide updates on his potential battle with the virus. Should he indeed test positive, we'd like to offer him our well-wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. There are reminders of COVID's severity at every corner, and seeing it impact our favorite lyricists can be a sobering wake-up call to even the most skeptical mind.

For those Mick fans looking to get their mind off the alarming news, consider checking out our interview with the rapper, released earlier this year when he dropped off The Circus. Get well soon, Mick, and congratulations on another year strong for The Water[s].