Michelle Obama has gotten to that point in her political career where she has to write a memoir. The titles for these things are always about the same so it was interesting to see if Michelle would break the mould (What Happened, My Life, Decision Points, Dreams From My Father), but she most certainly did not. Although Becoming has a certain poetic ring to it, it could be the title of just about anything when you think about it (Jimmy Kimmel had his own interpretation: "Our former First Lady is here to share stories from her new autobiography, Becoming. As in, ‘What the hell is this country becoming?’"). 

To promote the book Michelle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and spoke much more candidly than she ever could while living in the White House, although she still used some unconvincing phrases like "get your stuff together." However she did give a nice charming window into the life of the Obamas, like Barack's messy desk, her (and everyone's) difficulties telling her daughters apart and the battle between her and Barack for who would get to include which anecdotes in their respective memoirs, as Michelle put it: "since my book was first, he lost."

Watch the full interview below: