Michelle Obama officially left the White House a year ago, a place that she used as her platform to tackle social injustices all while supporting her husband in his presidential efforts. Michelle used her incredible reach as the president's wife to help combat issues surrounding starving children, gender disparity, and other philanthropic endeavours. 

While Michelle has made some choice public outings since leaving the White House, the former First Lady will now return to network television for her first televised interview since leaving her post as FLOTUS. Michelle will be a guest star on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this upcoming Thursday, which also happens to a special birthday episode celebrating the talk-show host's 60th year of life. 

Given the current political and social climate that has been relatively unstable for the last year and a half, Michelle and Ellen will have a plethora of topics to engage in conversation about. It will be intriguing to see what hard-hitting questions the famed talk show host will throw Michelle's way.

The last time Michelle took part in a sit-down interview on television was with another talk show legend, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. During that telling conversation, Oprah had asked Michelle whether she was interested in running for office, to which Michelle said she has no interest in assuming a position in American politics, something Oprah would similarly admit to just a year later.