Beyoncé and Jay Z's "On The Run II" tour had some very special guests last night. This wasn't a cameo from Beyoncé's sister Solange or Jay's honorary little brother, Kanye West. This was bigger than the royal family, this was the Obamas.

Michelle and Sasha both attended the show together at the Paris' Stade Nationale in what now seems to be a mother-daughter tradition; the two plus sister Malia attended when the first "On The Run" tour came through Chicago in 2013. The Obamas didn't just go to be alone, either. Michelle appears in a photo with Beyoncé's mother Tina that looks more like a painted portrait of royal matriarchs than a casual phone photo a concert. The two stand apart in front of the front-row barricades, well-dressed, not even looking at each other in true royal fashion.

Today the Carters also hosted a World Cup viewing party in Paris as a nice bookend to their stay, in which they played two shows in the city. No doubt Beyoncé and Jay Z are pleased at the coincidence of being on tour in Paris on the day that France wins the World Cup, as the city looks more lively than it probably has in decades, with the Champs Élysées packed shoulder-to-shoulder and parties no doubt going on in every arrondissement.