Michael Vick has long been regarded as the king of quarterbacks who can also run the football. This year, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens has been gunning for his throne and so far, he's well on his way to doing so. Jackson has rushed for 1,017 yards this season and only needs 24 more yards to break Vick's single-season QB rushing record. Jackson and Vick have demonstrated a ton of mutual respect for one another and as we head into the final three games of the season, it is becoming increasingly clear that Jackson will break the record.

In a recent interview, Vick spoke about Jackson's attempts to break the record and how he feels about the whole thing. As it turns out, Vick is quite supportive of Jackson and is looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

“It’s a cool moment in sports, especially for Lamar and also for the Baltimore Ravens,” Vick said via the Ravens' official website. “It’s something that everybody can be excited about. Breaking that record, it’s something I can honestly say I didn’t think I’d see for a long time. When Lamar was coming out of college, we had conversations. I used to tell him, ‘Play your game, be you.’ But I couldn’t even foresee Lamar doing this so quickly. It shows if you’re with the right teammates, the right coaches, the right organization, what can happen.”

Considering the Ravens are playing the Jets tonight, there is a strong chance Jackson is able to break the record fairly quickly. Will you be watching the game?