President Donald Trump was the subject of all of the memes this past week when he welcomed the NCAA Football National Champion Clemson Tigers to the White House. Instead of treating the players to a classy meal, Trump only served fast food. Some felt as though it was disrespectful to athletes who had worked so hard, while others found it absolutely hilarious.

Retired NFL player and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan commented on the White House meal, saying he would like to treat the Clemson Tigers to a nice Lobster dinner.

"I personally ... I would like to invite the Clemson football team here for a great meal," Strahan said on Good Morning America. "Whoever can make it, we'll hook you up with lobster ... whatever you want we'll take care of you. We gonna give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment."

Strahan explained that he would pay for the dinner himself which is a nice gesture from a player who has won a Super Bowl and is now in the Hall of Fame.

Although Tigers players didn't seem to mind the fast food feast. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence told TMZ that the meal was actually "awesome" and that he hopes to be back soon.