Throughout Meek's recent stint in prison, Michael Rubin was at the forefront of the #FreeMeek campaign. Along with Jay-Z and Robert Kraft, they launched their initiative for prison reform. Rubin's been extremely outspoken about Judge Genece Brinkley, the judge responsible for Meek Mill's sentencing. In a recent interview with Pardon My Take podcast, he spoke about the REFORM Alliance Foundation to help bring awareness for criminal justice reform as well as Brinkley's work on Meek's case.

On Michael Rubin's recent appearance on Pardon My Take, he recounted the day Meek was sentenced to two to four years by Brinkley in 2017. He explained the reason why Meek was taken to the host before speaking on how he tried to intervene in the rapper's sentencing which ultimately failed. He continued to speak about the actual trial and how the judge was 45 minutes late. She ignored the recommendations made by Meek's probation officer and D.A., who vouched that he shouldn't be thrown in jail, and asked Rubin to speak on his relationship with the rapper. Right after, she sentenced Meek to two to four years for popping a wheelie. 

"That whole thing was like I got hit in the head with a baseball bat," he said about Meek's sentencing. "So originally, I thought it was just this crazy judge -- and by the way, this woman is batshit crazy, okay? She's crazy as you could get."

Peep his interview below.