There are a lot of people who've scrutinized Jordyn Woods over the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson a few weeks ago. However, there's also a lot of people who feel like Woods isn't necessarily in the wrong, especially since this is the first time Thompson's been called out for cheating. Many also simply dislike the Kardashians for there own reasons. Michael Rapaport is one of them. He shared some advice for Woods, saying that she should bring the Kardashians down with her.

It's safe to say Michael Rapaport has a strong hate towards the Kardashian clan. He took to social media to add his two cents to the Kardashian drama while advising Jordyn Woods that she should "bury them all."

"Bring 'em all down with you. Bury 'em all," he said in a video posted to his social media platforms. "Take 'em all fuckin' down with you because every single one of these people is trying to exploit you. Get your own show, get your own clothing line, start your own make-up line -- I don't know you're into -- fuckin' toothbrushes, batteries, whatever the fuck you're into, get it all. Get your own Red Table. Shut all of them of them down."

"You're a young girl, fuck 'em all. You didn't do anything wrong," he continued. "Whatever you did or didn't do is not worth the kind of ridicule you're getting so my advice to you is bury each and everyone one of them, one by one."

Peep the clip below.