Consider Michael Rapaport unimpressed by LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball's combined 92-point performance in the Junior Basketball Association championship game. Never one to bite his tongue, Rapaport recently sounded off on both LiAngelo, who jacked up 53 shots in the championship game, and LaMelo, who hoisted 23 shots of his own, as well as the JBA as a whole.

Rapaport's unfiltered comments: "What the fuck kind of Big Baller Brand bullshit league did they start? Check these stats out - Gelo and Melo Ball play on the same team. Gelo shot the ball 53 times in one game. Melo shot the ball 23 times in one game. Now I ain't no mathematician but 53 plus 73 [sic], that's 76 fucking shots. Imagine two guys shoot the fucking ball 76 fucking times. Who are the other three guys on the team? What are they from extras casting? Are they even allowed in the locker room? Do they get their ankles taped? Get the fuck outta here with that Big Baller Brand bullshit. 76 times between two ballplayers on one team, fuck outta here. Pass me the rock motherfucker, I'm open."

LiAngelo, who was named JBA MVP, finished with a game-high 58 points in addition to 11 rebounds and six assists in the JBA title game, while LaMelo added 34 points, 15 rebounds and nine assists. The 16-year old prospect, who won't be eligible for the NBA Draft until 2020, took some time last night to respond to Rapaport's rant.

Check out the footage in the video embedded below, followed by LaMelo's rebuttal.