Michael Rapaport has many opinions and they're all going to see red whether we like it or not. Rapaport is as fierce in conversation as you'd expect him to be based on his acting roles to date. Lil Xan is as passive as his name suggests. How these two constituents come into contact is anyone's guess. Unfortunately Xan committed a faux pas akin to eating the forbidden apple. With objectivity out the window, fans of the culture are coming out in droves to denounce Xan for referring to Tupac Shakur as a "boring rapper." It appears that Rapaport, a native New Yorker is centering himself in the melee, for reasons.. well he's never said no to a free testimonial.

In his Instagram response, Rapaport refers to Xan as a "wack-ass non-rapping rapper" and proceeded with this tirade:

"Little buck tooth rabbit face motherfucker. You need to apologize, alright? And you don't need to apologize to Tupac or Tupac's fans. You need to apologize to whoever the fuck raised you, or didn't raise you, for raising you to be a dumb fuck. You don't get to speak on anything that has to do with hip-hop."

There's more to it, peep the whole rant below.