Michael Rapaport, ever willing to weigh in on all things love and basketball, has delivered a few hot takes on Drizzy's Scorpion. Being somewhat of a provocateur himself, there's little doubt that Rap enjoys the art of the conflict. Therefore, it's no surprise to note that Rapaport places vast value on Drake's response, or lackthereof, to former sparring partner Pusha T. Seeing as Scorpion kept the war games to a minimum, it seemed to tarnish the experience for the outspoken personality. Still, that hasn't stopped him from taking to Instagram to share his thoughts.

"All you Drake fans, you tired?" asks a smiling Rap, who real ones might recognize from his stint on underrated series Justified. "Stayed up all night listening to all seventy-five Drake songs, trying to find some subliminal disses, to figure out a way to justify whether he got his ass kicked by Pusha T. He lost, okay! When it comes to Pusha T, he lost the battle, he lost the war, but enjoy the record! It's not for me, no disrespect, it's just not for me. It's not my thing."

Sadly, the features were not impressive enough for Rap's standards. "I don't care who you have on the record," he states. "You can have Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tito Jackson, fuckin' Stony Jackson. No disrespect. It's not for me. Drake is a great artist, but if I want to hear some singing, I'll listen to Al B. Sure."

For those questioning Rap's credentials, he gestures toward his ever-trusted ears. "I like smackers," he proclaims. "I like bangers. To quote the great Phife Dog, 'I like my beats harder than two day old shit.'"

Do you agree with Rap? To be fair, Scorpion did feature a fair bit of singing, but there are certainly a few bangers on deck. Shout out to "Nonstop."