It's been just two days since Eminem released his new album Kamikaze, in which he dissed almost everybody in the rap game. Apparently, two days is too long to wait before responding and so Michael Rapaport (actor, director of a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest, basketball enthusiast) has taken to Twitter to rally the troops. He describes Eminem's record as "pissin, shittin, disrespectin so many creators, so many rappers" and wonders why none of the "so-called" rappers/creators aren't going to come back at "old-ass Eminem." 

And it is a fair enough gripe to have. He dissed so many people that it's strange none of them have come back with at least a little something on the internet. The responses he did get were overwhelmingly positive: there's Lil Pump's saying "I deserve it," Lil Yachty's response of "Lmao me personally I think it’s fye Eminem took a shot at me.. I fuck wit Eminem" and Hopsin calling it the best day of his life. 

There are still a lot of rappers left who haven't responded, like Drake, who got singled out once again for having ghost writers. Maybe we can count on the most prolificly beefing mainstream rapper of recent years to start things off. 

As Michael Rapaport says: "show some pride! for the sport, for the love of hip-hip, damn!"