Michael Rapaport is becoming one of the preeminent trash talkers on social media. Whether his targets are political, like Donald Trump or the protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, or big names figures in the sports world, like Tiger Woods or LeBron James, the actor and media personality takes no prisoners with his cutting and hilarious rants that he often posts to Instagram. Recently, he made a stop by Vlad TV to elaborate on his rant about Lonzo Ball, who set the New Yorker off when he said that Nas wasn't "hip-hop."

Initially, Rapaport went off on Ball, calling him a "funny-looking motherf**ker" before stating that, because of where he grew up, he doesn't what hip-hop is really about. He chalked it up to some "Big Baller Brand bulls**t," but in this recent conversation, he checked his temper at the door and gave a measured response. Well, at least in the beginning.

"It's ignorant," he commented. "Hip-hop is funny because it's one of the music forms [where], historically, not all the time but most of the time, it's respected." However, he said that disrespecting the OG's of the rap game is almost seen as cool now, using the Lonzo-Nas example as an instance where this sort of ignorance is not only tolerated, but sometimes egged on to a severe degree.

"Look at how you dress. You look crazy, your sneakers are whack, you got no style, you got to put some moisture in your hair, you don't look dope, you're struggling in the NBA. Of course you don't know about Nas," continued Rapaport, who, later in the conversation, called Lonzo's music "garbage" and put forth the theory that he's not even the best rapper in his family. Ouch

There were also barbs thrown over a similar travesty: the fact that Lil Yachty claims that he's never heard a song by The Notorious B.I.G. He later apologized for those remarks, but Rapaport wasn't done with his roasting.

"I don't even care if you're a rapper or not a rapper," he said. "How could you be breathing and [you've] never heard a Biggie song?" Your mileage will vary in terms of whether or not Rapaport is simply a grumpy old head doing this thing, but one thing is for sure: the NYC native doesn't forget or forgive very easily.

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