Michael Porter Jr. got a massive max extension recently and it was a deal that had a lot of Nuggets fans debating whether or not it was actually deserved. After all, Porter Jr hasn't had a ton of time to show off his talents, and over the last few years, injuries have been an issue. Regardless, the Nuggets were big fans of what they saw, and as a result, they decided to give him a massive contract that continues to attract some eyes. 

To start the season, Porter Jr. has been out with some significant back problems. It was clear that surgery would be necessary for the ailment, although the Nuggets kept his treatment under wraps for a bit as they didn't want to announce anything too early.

Michael Porter Jr

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now, however, the cat is out of the bag as today, it was reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic that Porter Jr. would have to miss the rest of the season as he has officially gotten surgery on his back. As it was noted, Porter Jr.'s big contract only starts next season, which means the Nuggets are simply looking out for Porter Jr.'s long-term status on the roster.

While the Nuggets will certainly suffer without Porter Jr., they will be happy to know that they will have their young star healthy for next season and beyond.