With 96 percent of the NBA vaccinated, the league has proven to have one of the most progressive vaccination campaigns in professional sports. While most have gotten the jab, the ones who haven't gotten it seem to be the most vocal about it. One such player is Michael Porter Jr who plays for the Denver Nuggets. He has refused to get the jab against COVID-19 and it has many reporters asking him why he would do such a thing.

Recently, Porter Jr. got to give an in-depth answer on the topic, as he claimed that because he already got COVID twice, he has the antibodies to fight it. The science on this isn't fully backed up just yet, although Porter Jr. is confident that he will be fine as the team progresses throughout the season.

Michael Porter Jr

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“We don’t have years and years of data for how it can affect you. So for me, I know I’m immune to COVID right now—more immune than a lot of people with the vaccine are.” Porter Jr. said. “I’ve had it twice. I’ve got the antibodies, all those things. It’s just laying off on it for now.”I’m not against the vaccine. What I’m against is not allowing other people to have a choice, or people trying to force it on other people.”

While some might be mad at Porter Jr's stance, there is no doubt that nothing is going to change his mind at this juncture. The Nuggets star is standing strong on his beliefs, and it will take a lot for him to change course on a dime.

Michael Porter Jr

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