Michael Moore shook the world up when he released his polarizing documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Moore took aim at the Bush Administration and the attacks on September 11th, and his vision spawned more than a few conspiracy theories. Moore is known for his groundbreaking and intricate films that tackle societal issues. Now, Moore is back with Fahrenheit 11/9, a film that focuses on the Trump Administration.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is named after the date that Trump was officially announced as the winner of the presidential election. Speaking with HuffPost, Moore described the motives behind his new film. "Donald Trump is an evil genius. He has no intention of leaving the White House," stated the director. "Whenever he hears that another country has a president for life, he perks up and thinks, “I like the sound of that!” And he has an obedient political party that holds every seat of power backing him up."

"American journalism schools have not trained students how to cover an authoritarian leader. Our media has no idea what it is up against," he continued. "They’re getting steamrolled by a tyrant because Trump understands media and understands the country he lives in more than those that cover him do. This puts us all in grave danger. If nothing else, I hope this film exposes that grave danger and shows people the way out." HuffPost also premiered a trailer for Fahrenheit 11/9, which drops on September 21.