Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls were one of the most unbeatable teams of all-time. They won six championships throughout the 90s and they could have won even more had Jordan not taken two years off to go play baseball. His last season with the Bulls was in 1997-98 and of course, the team won their final title. It was a year filled with injuries and turmoil although they were able to get the job done and get MJ his 6th and final title.

To commemorate this season, ESPN has put together a 10-part documentary called "The Last Dance" which is supposed to air in June of 2020. Today, ESPN dropped a dramatic trailer which shows off clips from that season while interviews with various players are placed in the background.


People like Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, and even Dikembe Mutombo are being interviewed for this doc. The filmmakers will be getting both sides of the equation whether it be Jordan's teammates or his opponents. There are also some celebrity cameos in here which will certainly make the documentary that much more entertaining.

If you're a Bulls or Jordan fan, this is definitely a must-watch series. There is potential for some untold stories and we can't wait to see what this doc uncovers.