Michael Jordan is the undisputed greatest player in the history of the NBA and his contributions to the sport have been on full display in the ESPN docuseries called "The Last Dance." If one thing is clear from this documentary, it's that Jordan was ruthless out on the court and he could find motivation in almost anything and anyone. There were certain things that would trigger him and losing was certainly one of those things.

However, one time, Jordan actually lost to his son Marcus in a game of 1-on-1. Recently, Marcus joined TMZ Sports where he spoke about the experience and how his dad used him as motivation to come right back and beat him in the next game. Clearly, Marcus' win was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I had a quick victory," Marcus said. "I can't remember the score, but I did win. He ran it right back and he obviously won on me and it was over. e really didn't play too much after that."

Being the child of Michael Jordan can't be easy when you consider just how great of an athlete he was. Not to mention, Jordan had a knack for demanding a lot out of people, which we're sure is something that extended off of the court.