Michael Jordan has always been a recognizable athlete but following "The Last Dance," there seems to be a real hunger for any and all memorabilia related to the NBA legend. Recently, a bizarre piece of memorabilia sold for $25,000 after having been bought for just over $2K back in 2014. 

According to Darren Rovell, the memorabilia in question is a love letter written to actress Amy Hunter back in 1989. The letter is handwritten and it looks like Jordan is trying to explain why they can't be together. He speaks about being selfish and that he can't be in a relationship with another public figure as it would put too much pressure on him.

“Amy, sometimes I am the most selfish person on this earth because for one whole year all I thought about was Michael,” Jordan wrote. “… I admit I made a mistake, but found it difficult to change it. Let’s say I do change the mistake. You would not believe the problems we would encounter. It is unthinkable. We wouldn‘t have a pleasant relationship or a private one. Our business up for opinions by the whole world. This is a pressure I can’t live with.”

Basketball fans will pay for some of the wildest items and as it turns out, private love letters aren't exempt.