Michael Jordan has always been one of the most famous athletes ever but thanks to "The Last Dance," he is getting even more attention than before. People are fascinated by his story and it is becoming clear that "The Last Dance" is one of the greatest sports docuseries of all time.

Jordan's oldest daughter Jasmine has been watching the show, and in a recent interview, she admitted that she has been calling her father every day to get some more information on some of the stories that have been told. She also claimed that as a child, she had no idea why her dad was so famous and had to resort to Google searches to find out.

Michael Jordan

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

“When I was a child, and growing up during the time, I didn’t really understand what was happening because I was so young, and it just didn’t really resonate until I got older,” she said per CBS Sports. “I laugh because I actually Googled my dad at one point just to figure it out. I was like why is everyone so intrigued by you, you’re just dad, you’re not that cool. But lo and behold, he was kind of a big deal. So it’s definitely something that’s been eye-opening.”

Needless to say, being the child of a famous person isn't always easy. It comes with a lot more attention and when you're young, you don't always understand why that attention is being given. Albeit, it does come with some perks,