When it comes to judging greatness throughout someone's NBA career, Michael Jordan has made it clear that he values rings just as much as any other stat in the book.

During a Q&A session at MJ's Flight School camp in Santa Barbara, California, Jordan was asked if he'd rank LeBron James over Kobe Bryant.

His response, 

“Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of best of all time? No.

“There’s something about 5 that beats 3."

“Now he may be better than that, but Kobe won five championships. LeBron won three.”

We're guessing Tracy McGrady doesn't subscribe to this way of thinking. Earlier this week T-Mac revealed that he doesn't judge greatness by the number of rings someone has, saying, "Anybody can win a championship. Everybody can't get in the Hall of Fame."

Check out footage of MJ's take on the Kobe vs LeBron debate, as well as other players in the league, below.