The Crying Jordan meme is having a moment right now. Stemming from Michael Jordan’s tearful (yet ungrateful) Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2009, his tearful face has been used to illustrate painful moments since the first meme popped up in 2012. However, this year is when it finally picked up steam after being featured on numerous mainstream publications.

After a series of internet beefs and trolling that had Meek Mill, Russell Wilson and the entire Carolina Panthers team donning the Crying Jordan face, chances are everyone and their mother has seen MJ’s tearful mug on their computer of phone over the past few months.

However, the only person who hasn’t yet acknowledged the use is the meme himself, Michael Jordan. Complex reached out to MJ to see if he was aware of the meme, and how he felt about it. Jordan’s camp didn’t provide much info, but they did say, “we think it’s funny, everyone seems to be having fun with it.”

Michael Jordan's team separately told TMZ that, as long as no one tries to make money off the meme, MJ is happy with us using it. Guess he’s already made enough off of us with his lucrative Jordan Brand.