Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls will be the subject of a brand new documentary called The Last Dance which is set to air on April 19th. In order to promote the new docuseries, members of the 97-98 Bulls team have been summoned for a series of interviews. Recently, Steve Kerr and Scottie Pippen sat down with Rachel Nichols of ESPN where they told some incredible stories about MJ. One of those tales involved the time he finessed a Bulls arena security guard out of $4,100.

As the story goes, Jordan and the security guard used to bet $100 per game on the Jumbotron races. The catch was that MJ was being tipped off as to who won, prior to the races airing on the screen.


“We used to have a security guard sitting at the top of our bench, it was John Capps. He’s now passed away,” Pippen explained. “Capps would bet Michael every game. The only way Capps would win is if he was able to pick the right one. Because if Michael picked, obviously he would pick the right one. He probably beat the guy out of $4,100.”

Jordan has been known for his love of gambling so this latest story shouldn't come as a surprise. MJ was also extremely competitive so his desire to get a competitive edge is also fairly characteristic of the star.