Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan recently sat down for an interview with Cigar Aficionado to talk about a variety of topics ranging from how many cigars he smokes in a given day, to the state of today's NBA.

When asked about today's NBA and superstar players teaming up with other superstars to form these "superteams," MJ said,

"I think it's going to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint. You're going to have one or two teams that are going to be great, and another 28 teams that are going to be garbage. Or they're going to have a tough time surviving in the business environment."

Also in the issue of Cigar Aficionado, which will hit news stands on October 31st, Jordan weighed in on the "greatest basketball player of all time" debate.

Via Sports Illustrated

"I never played against Wilt Chamberlain," Jordan said. "I never played against Jerry West. To now say that one’s greater than the other is being a little bit unfair…I won six championships. Bill Russell won 11. Does that make Bill Russell better than me or make me better than him? No, because we played in different eras."


He also explained why he'll never coach in the NBA, and revealed that he maybe smokes SIX cigars on any given day.

"I have no patience for coaching. My biggest problem from a competitive standpoint is the focus of today’s athlete. For me to ask an individual to focus on the game the way I played would, in some ways, be unfair. And if he didn’t do it, there’s no telling where my emotions would be."

Jordan's Hornets will kick off their 2017 regular season schedule on the road in Detroit on Wednesday, October 18th.