Whether you're a LeBron James fan or not, there is no denying that Michael Jordan is one of if not the greatest of all time when it comes to the sport of basketball. Jordan is the gold standard for basketball players as he won six championships in six finals appearances and had one of the most competitive spirits of any athlete ever. If you were a fan of any team other than the Chicago Bulls during the 90s, your hopes were probably dashed by MJ at some point. He's an iconic figure that will stand the test of time as being of the most important athletes in basketball history.

Having said all that, it shouldn't be a surprise that there are some fans out there who want to get Michael Jordan tatted on themselves. Recently, tattoo artist @stevebutchertattoos took to Instagram to share a hyper-realistic tattoo of MJ which will absolutely blow your mind. It almost looks as though a picture was pasted on the person's arm, which is a testament to Butcher's skill.

This tattoo certainly must have cost a pretty penny when you consider all the time, effort, and artistry that went into it. It's an impressive piece and the customer must have been more than satisfied with the result.

Would you get a tattoo like this and if so, which player would it be?