Basketball fans know all about the Dream Team from 1992. Of course, this was the first USA Olympic Basketball team that featured athletes from the NBA. Superstars like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Charles Barkley were all on the roster, making this the greatest basketball team of all time. 

Last night, ESPN started airing a new documentary on Michael Jordan and now, the hype surrounding MJ-related Dream Team gear has skyrocketed. In fact, just two weeks ago, Robert Edward Auctions began an auction for a game-worn autographed MJ jersey from the Olympics, with bidding starting at $25K. In the end, the jersey sold for a whopping $216,000.

"Michael Jordan is arguably the most iconic athlete of all-time, winning six NBA titles and two Olympic Gold medals," Robert Edward Auctions president Brian Dwyer explained. "Collectors relished a rare opportunity to own Jordan's jersey from the 1992 Dream Team - the greatest basketball team ever assembled."

What makes this particular jersey so special is that it was actually worn in the gold medal game against Croatia. The United States won this match by over 30 points, once again showcasing how far ahead of their competition they were.

This latest sale truly begs the question: how much would you pay for some Jordan memorabilia?