Michael Jordan is one of the most famous athletes in all of professional sports and as a result, fans are always looking for unique collectables to add to their collections. When Jordan's ESPN documentary The Last Dance came out back in 2020, the interest surrounding Jordan rocketed even more, which led to some massive prices on the auction market. During this time, we saw jerseys and shoes sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, which certainly shocked those who had already been in possession of unique items.

Now, according to TMZ, a Michael Jordan Upper Deck card from 1997 has just sold via Heritage Auctions for a staggering $1.4 million. The piece is especially unique as it was signed by Jordan and also has part of Jordan's All-Star game jersey from 1992. It's a pretty incredible piece, although the price is still very surprising.


Another Jordan card sold just a few months ago for over $900K although this more recent card has completely blown it out of the water. At this point, it has become clear that trading cards are an investment that can go a long way, and prices will continue to go up over the coming years.

Let us know in the comments below how much you would pay for a card like this. We're sure we already know the answer.

Michael Jordan

Paul Kane/Getty Images