Michael Jordan's infamous "Flu Game" was on full display during "The Last Dance" last night and fans were surprised to hear that it was actually a really bad case of food poisoning. Many already knew this but very few had heard about the circumstances surrounding the ordering of said pizza. In the documentary, it notes that Jordan was the only person to have eaten the pizza while everyone else in the room watched. It was also said that numerous delivery men showed up at the door which led his trainer to believe that it had been spiked.

During an appearance on ESPN's Jalen & Jacoby, "The Last Dance" director Jason Hehir admitted that the Jordan story went a tad deeper. When pressed about Jordan eating the whole pizza, Hehir said that MJ had actually spat on the pizza to make sure no one else ate it.

Jordan did this because his teammates had eaten a few hours earlier and he wanted to order something for himself. He was fearful that some of the other guys would touch the pizza, so he spat on it as a preventative measure. Later that night, Jordan got extremely sick and he eventually went on to score 38 points in a huge NBA Finals win.

The "Flu Game" is already an incredible story but this anecdote adds another layer of insanity to it all.