Riots broke out in uptown Charlotte last night as more approximately 600 protesters marched in the name of Keith Scott, the man who was shot and killed during an altercation with police earlier this week.

However, things ultimately turned violent during the protests Wednesday night and the governor of North Carolina declared a State of Emergency, calling on the National Guard for help. Property was damaged, numerous people were injured, and stores, including the Charlotte Hornets team store, were looted.

In light of the tragic events in Charlotte, Michael Jordan issued a statement urging the people of Charlotte to restore peace in the community. MJ has, for the most part, avoided political and social advocacy issues during his playing career and in his retirement but he has become increasingly more vocal in recent months. 

Back in July he pledged to make two separate $1 million donations to help bridge the gap between police and communities, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he is using his status again to encourage everyone to stop the chaos in Charlotte.