Before he was known as a martial artist or for his role as "Marcus Williams" in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, Michael Jai White portrayed Mike Tyson in the made-for-TV film, Tyson. The actor embodied the character and the movie has gone down in film history as a cult classic, so it's only fitting that he weighed in on the forthcoming Tyson biopic starring Jamie Foxx. While discussing the project with VladTV, Michael Jai White admitted that he has some reservations about whether or not Foxx can pull off portraying the celebrated boxer.

Jamie Foxx, Mike Tyson, Michael Jai White, VladTV
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

White said that at this point, as a consumer, he believes that the world already knows the bulk of Mike Tyson's life. "If there's another angle that Jamie's pulling out then, hey that's cool. That's a helluva undertaking for him," said White. Vlad mentioned that Jamie Foxx has "bulked up" for the role. White added, "I don't believe a lot of stuff in pictures, 'cause when I see him—we've got a lot of friends in common. When I see him it's like, 'Did he just lose weight to catch this flight?' I'm not going to disparage anything but you kinda know how—it's clickbait."

Michael Jai White is excited to see the biopic but admitted that bulking up to gain muscle like Tyson in such a short time can pose to be a serious health issue. He praised Jamie Foxx's talents but was unsure about what the biopic would cover and if Foxx could handle the physical demands. Watch Michael Jai White discuss the forthcoming Mike Tyson biopic below.