If ever you've wanted to own an iconic piece of property, it may be your chance. A few years ago, Neverland Ranch, the famous home of the late Michael Jackson, was worth a staggering $100 million. That wasn't even too long ago; the property was originally listed in 2015 for that price. With MJ's name being used in plenty of controversies right now, it only makes sense for the price of Neverland Ranch to be reduced. However, this is a dramatic price drop that will likely have real estate collectors begging to get their hands on the house.

Jason Kirk/Getty Images

According to CBS News, Neverland Ranch is officially back on the market and Michael Jackson's estate is asking $31 million for it. Obviously, that's a huge drop from the prices it has been listed in the past. In 2017, it was dropped down to $67 million and now, another $36 mil has been shed. With so much dirt on Neverland's name, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the name has been swapped out. It is now being called the Sycamore Valley Ranch. 

Apparently, the realtor in charge of the property believes that now is the perfect time to sell Neverland Ranch "with the drought ending and the Santa Ynez Valley in full bloom." Leaving Neverland will be airing on HBO next month. Will you be tuning in?

Samir Hussein/Getty Images