TMZ reports that Michael Jackson's cousin Marsha Stewart is selling the bloodstained IV drip she stole from his deathbed. 

The bizarre auction is backed by a video in which a woman identifies herself by that name and as Michael Jackson's cousin, showing off the IV drip to the camera. 

"Shortly after Michael died, I went to the house on Sunset," she explained. "I was able to go in and go to the bedroom."

She describes the macabre scene, with scattered pill bottles and uneaten food, before something caught her eye.

"This was over by the stand," she says, holding the IV drip in front of the camera. "I took it and put it in my purse. This actually belonged to Michael Jackson."

She emphasizes that the IV drip still has Michael's DNA on it. 

"That's what made me grab it," she said all too matter-of-factly. "The blood."

According to TMZ, "the IV drip is going up for auction through Memorabilia Expert Auctions in [Las Vegas], and the auction house is looking to get at least $2,500 for this gruesome piece of MJ history."

COVID-19 precautions be damned. We hope nobody actually goes through with this creepy sale, but stranger things have happened.