Michael Jackson's name has been at the center of controversy all year. The allegations of child molestation resurfaced and made its way into headlines earlier this year following Leaving NeverlandThe singer's famed Neverland Ranch is where these alleged acts of molestation occurred but it was the singer's home that was essentially designed to be every kid's dream. There was a jungle gym, roller coaster, arcade, a Ferris wheel, and essentially everything else a child would dream of having in their own backyard. 

Jason Kirk/Getty Images

According to TMZ, the public has the chance to own some of the sculptures Jackson owned at the Neverland Ranch, specifically the ones that were found in the jungle gym. The singer's jungle gym animal sculptures include a python, toucan, monkey, warthog, ostrich, orangutan, hippo, giraffe, tortoise, crocodile, and more. There's even a huge sculpture of a tree that has a special message from Michael engraved on it. "Magical children don't worry how, don't delay - this moment's now," it reads.

The collection in its entirety is still pretty pricey, given the controversy of their location. Gary Zimet of Moments in Time said that the collection of sculptures are being sold for $1.75M. If you got the bread and you're a fan of the late pop star, it's a good deal. But just remember, those sculptures have seen some things -- allegedly.