You know how I know Michael Jackson had a mountain of cash? He owned elephants. How many rappers can afford to feed an animal that big that eats non-stop? In 1997, Jackson transferred his bull elephant Ali to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens from his Neverland Ranch. Ali has been in the care of the park since then, and has been on her best behavior. According to the zoo's post on Facebook, Ali got adventurous on Sunday afternoon though, and escaped her enclosure after park attendants left a gate open.

"What do you do when an elephant ends up in a yard he’s not supposed to be in? You moonwalk him back to his proper enclosure," wrote the zoo on Facebook. "At 12:20 today, Ali, our sweet-natured bull elephant who came to the Zoo in 1997 from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, went through a gate that was accidentally left open and ended up in a courtyard behind the giraffe and elephant barn." The zoo continued on to assure guests that they were never in danger, and that trained personnel were able to lure Ali back into her enclosure with food after she explored the zoo for twenty minutes.  Ali, are you okay, are you okay Ali?