In one of the most bizarre entertainment news stories you'll be reading this year, a woman in Los Angeles is suing Michael Jackson's estate because she doesn't believe Michael actually appeared on the now-ironically-titled Michael, the singer's first album released after his death. In the suit, she claims she hired an audio expert to analyze her CD and he determined that it was very likely that MJ did not sing lead vocals on "Breaking News," "Monster," and "Keep Your Head Up," all songs confirmed by Jackson's estate to have been authentic recordings.

According to TMZ, the woman wants the suit to be a class action. Basically, this means if the allegation is proven true the Estate would owe money to everyone who bought the full album, or any of the 3 tracks in question at any point prior to the case's outcome. So, good news for people who bought Michael way back in 2010, there may be a check with your name on it when this blows over.

Hear the title in question below.